10 reasons you're not getting rebooked as a promo model

10 Reasons You’re Not Getting Rebooked as a Promotional Model

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Every wonder why you’re not getting called back after working an event you thought went well?

1) You Show up late or leave early

Tardiness is not acceptable. The client has invested a great deal of time and resources into their event and is counting on you to help make it a success. Arriving late and being frantic can set a bad tone for the day and cause unneeded stress for the client. Leaving early is equally unacceptable. See this website for more interesting info.


2) You have an attitude

Nothing sets a negative tone for the day like a bad attitude. Leave your personal problems at the door. This is the exhibitor’s time; they are paying you well and have the right to expect a certain level of professionalism. Click this Link for more related info about this.


3) You give out the wrong information or answer falsely

Many attendees will assume that you work full-time for the company you are representing.  They believe you have a higher level of knowledge about their products and services.  If you aren’t sure how to respond to a question ask someone who does. Check this out to know more about our promo model services and on how you will get in touch with them first hand.

4) You disappear

A promo model should never leave the booth without informing a company employee or supervisor that you are doing so. This includes, scheduled breaks as well as unscheduled breaks. You should not leave for prolonged periods of time either.


5) You ignore an exhibit visitor

You were hired to interact with all potential customers at your event. Any person who stops by your booth could be a lead. You never know the potential of a visitor, so don’t ignore anyone.


6) You make personal calls or text

Again, you are on the client’s time while working. Never make personal calls or texts while on the clock. This is very unprofessional and shows an extreme lack of interest in your job.


7) You exhibit negative body language

Unfortunately this happens more than you would think. Positive body language is important. Do not turn your back to attendees, cross arms or slouch. Keep your hands out of your pockets and don’t fidget.


8) You ignore your environment

Often, and without realizing it, models will cluster together. This is bad for many reasons as it leads to group conversations and ignoring your duties. Be mindful of people around your booth as well as neighboring booths.  You should never enter neighboring booths.


9) You consume food or beverages while working

Avoid chewing gum, eating and drinking while in the booth. If you take a food break make sure to check yourself in a mirror before returning. Breath mints are acceptable, but keep them hidden in your mouth while conversing with attendees.


10) You wear the wrong outfits

Typically you will be made aware of any dress code prior to the event. If attire is to be provided you should still arrive in something presentable. If you are providing your own attire our advice is to overdress.  Don’t ever arrive in wrinkled, stained, or unkempt clothing.

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