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How Can I Get the Most From My Promotional Model?

Use these six tips to maximize the benefits of hiring a promotional model.

When you book into a trade show or event here in Washington DC, you want to be the main attraction for attendees and other guests.

Hire the right type and quantity of staff

  • Staff responsibilities can vary greatly from basic greeters to multi-lingual translators and product demonstrators. It’s important to have an understanding of the role you’d like the model to serve. Determine the number of models you will need to hire. Factor in the size of the event, the size of your team working the both, and the size of the booth itself. Learn this here now

 Work with a legitimate and established company

  • The promotional models working your booth are the face of your brand. After a show, attendees won’t remember the details of your marketing materials or the layout of your booth, but they will remember the people they interacted with.  A legitimate agency with a large talent pool and established relationships can ensure you have the best talent available.
  • It’s important to work with an established agency that has experience staffing every type of event. Do your homework because many agencies have only started staffing in the last few years and their inexperience and false promises can ruin your event.

Choose the right model(s)

  • Always ask your Account Executives for advice. They interact with the promotional models on a daily basis and know who will be a good fit for both the event and your company.
  • Before selecting a model review their work experience and portfolio to determine if they have the level of experience you’re looking for.
  • The trade show model you use should be an extension of your brand.
  • When you are choosing a model. Make sure to pick someone with the work experience to successfully complete the required tasks. Check out this Additional hints now.

Coordinate ahead of time

  • Communicate with your agency before the event to save yourself the stress of coordinating everything last minute. An experienced account executive will take care of everything for you well in advance.
  • Be sure to get the models their event badges and any information they will need prior to the show such as talking points and company information.
  • Decide on a meeting place and time for the day of the show as well as contact information.


Set clear expectations

  • Communicating your expectations for the show clearly to your Account Executive and promotional model is the best way to ensure your needs will be met. Be sure to address required tasks, attire, and all specific requests.


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