Coverings 2014

Stand out at Coverings 2014

Stand out from all of the tile by bringing on an attractive assistant for the event to support your sales team. Nothing turns heads like a gorgeous and intelligent woman. Las Vegas trade show models are professionals at drawing a crowd and keeping visitors engaged until a member of your team is available. Visit this link for additional info. Find out more why our trade show model services helps promote your brand faster and better.

Here are just a few of the benefits to hiring a Las Vegas trade show model for your booth at Coverings:

Drive more traffic

  • Experienced and beautiful trade show models always draw a crowd.


Save on travel costs by hiring local staff

  • Avoid shelling out for travel expenses by hiring local talent.


Generate More Leads

  • An extra staff member in your both will generate more leads, and ensure no prospects walk away because they have no one to talk to.

Make a splash

  • Get visitors excited to learn about your products with outgoing and energetic staff.


Give your staff a break

  • Having a model on hand will give your team the luxury of grabbing a bite to eat or using the bathroom whenever they want without worrying about leaving the booth unattended.  Read More


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