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10 habits of successful promotional models

Most of our promo models here in San Jose CA have industry experience and a high level of professionalism and astonishing beauty.

We’ve told you about the biggest mistakes promo models make in our post 10 reasons you’re not getting rebooked. Now we’re sharing the secrets of our top promotional models!

1) Do your homework

Being prepared will help you to succeed. How can you represent a company that you know nothing about? Ask for the company’s website address, and learn about the client and their products or services. The goal is for people to think you are actually an employee of this company! Try this site now for more details and why our promo model services has all the detailed information why you really have ti hire a professional models.


2) Plan ahead

This tip cannot be stressed enough. There are so many components that go into getting mentally prepared and ready for your job. It is suggested that you review directions and parking, know travel times, and have your outfit ready to go the night before. When packing for the show you should only include the essentials, bring any important contact and job information, and don’t forget to pack a snack. If you are working an outdoor event, hot or cold, make sure you are dressed appropriately. Look what I found.


3) Arrive early

A great deal of client stress can be avoided by showing up 10-15 minutes early for your job. Clients have enough on their minds and don’t need to worry about where you are, or how they are supposed to prepare you properly once the show has begun. Use the time before the show starts to get to know the client, and learn their objectives for the show.


4) Make sure you look like your photos

If your look has changed, whether through weight gain, a hair color change, prominent tattoos or anything else that alters your appearance from your submitted photos, it is your job to update your portfolio. Inform the agency and client in advance of these changes prior to the show or event. If the client requested a brunette they aren’t going to be happy if you show up as a blonde.


5) Act in a professional manner

This will mean something a little bit different for event you work, but you must always be respectful, reliable, honest, and stay focused on helping the client get as much out of the event as they can.


6) Be engaging

Engage everyone that walks by your booth with eye contact and a welcoming smile. Once you have their attention strike up a conversation. Often you will be asked to keep attendees engaged long enough for a sales person to become available. If you don’t know what to say to an attendee, ask them questions about what they do, where they are from, what is their interest in the show, etc.


7) Take Pride in your appearance

You may have been hired for your looks but the majority of trade shows are professional in nature. You will be dealing with high-level management and professionals. Dress accordingly, making sure you are pressed and lint free. Your makeup should be appropriate to the environment and not overly done. Err on the side of conservative and you will be admired for your mind and professionalism.


8) Ask questions

Questions start with your agency, make sure you are prepared and clear on all responsibilities and details. Don’t be afraid to ask the clients questions regarding what you can do to help make their event a success or information regarding their products or services.


9) Take photos and videos of the event

A good way to show your agency that you care is to take photos and videos of your event. Send them to the agency immediately after the show to demonstrate what a great job you did. Your agency will use these to promote you and the client will appreciate it.


10) Relax, do your best, and have fun!

If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, why do it? You may as well make the most of your time and enjoy yourself. You will meet some great people and play an important role in the client’s success at that particular event. Every one wins!

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