What is a Brand Ambassador?

what is a brand ambassador?

What is a brand ambassador and what does a brand ambassador do? A Brand Ambassador is a prestigious job, as you are is paid to promote a company’s products or services and share their brand with consumers. Branding is what makes a business stand out from the competition. Brand ambassadors are hired to help a brand resonate with its garget audience.

What is a brand ambassador?

Brand ambassador jobs are hard to get, as you must fit the image a brand name wants to project and reflect individual values both ethically and morally. These types of jobs are typically very particular on the look they are seeking.

Brand Ambassadors must have charm and charisma, and they also must be knowledgeable about the brands they represent. Above all, they must be able to communicate efficiently and can walk with the ordinary person and talk with Kings and Princes, to paraphrase Kipling. To be a successful brand ambassador, you have to become the living embodiment of the company, its message, and all the brand represents.

As a brand ambassador, you must have intimate knowledge and appreciation of the brand you are representing. You must be authentic and understand modern marketing and the role social media plays. Being a brand ambassador is a more targetted type of promotional modeling.

Professionalism is a given. You are representing a brand, talking about its attributes and core messaging, and encouraging others to try the product or service.  You are influencing how others perceive the brand you represent.

Brand ambassadors create loyalty between a brand and customers, and as such, are not sales people. Because of this, you must be able to forge strong connections to the brand you are representing.

Brand ambassadors, on a promotional marketing level, will need to gather feedback based on experience with the brand. The information you collect can be vital in the formation of future marketing strategies.


What do brand ambassadors do?

Brand ambassadors represent a company’s products or services in person or online. Some examples include:

• Representing the brand at events

• Handing out samples

• Dressing up as a character

• Demonstrating products

• Educating customers

• Greeting potential clients on behalf of the brand

•Using social media to communicate the brand

The types of events you work vary and include conventions, trade shows, sporting events, concerts, college campuses, bars, and other activities that draw a crowd.

Brand ambassadors do not always work directly for the companies they are representing. An event staffing or modeling agency is hired in these instances. The majority of jobs are part-time. Your first step to working as a brand ambassador or on a street team is to sign up with the staffing agency and fill out a model profile.

brand ambassador

What makes a good brand ambassador?

Can you live and breathe a brand? Are you someone that the target audience can connect with? Are you able to engage potential consumers? Then you may have what it takes to become a good brand ambassador.

Desired qualities for a brand ambassador include a great attitude, an excellent work ethic, and enthusiasm for the brand. Experience is always a plus, but not required, so keep your resume up to date. Showing up on time and being responsible can increase your chances to work as a brand ambassador again for your agency.

Your goals and values must be tied to the brand. If there is no passion, then you are just a spokesmodel for the brand.


Famous brand ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are used in all types of marketing for every kind of product imaginable. Some of best well know Brand Ambassadors include:

In the world of sports, Tiger Woods is a name that sparks a picture of a successful golfer and even though he has been scandal-ridden his name and image is still bankable.

Former Miss World, Aishwarya Rai has a face that is associated with glamor and sophistication. This landed her the coveted Brand Ambassadorship of Longines Watches that sought her out to put the right amount of beauty and panache that they want to target those who their watches are made for.

Along with the former Miss World actress, Lin Chi-ling has also been tapped to represent Longines in Asia as companies often have more than one Brand Ambassador to fit the demographical area of markets they want to be represented in.

George Clooney has long been associated with Omega, and his face and images grace publicity ads and posters from New York to Singapore, as his popularity has crossed cultural, ethnic, and national boundaries.

Apple showed us with the face of Steve Jobs in his black turtleneck. His clothing was designed with a particular image in mind and as history shows it was one of the most successful marketing ploys ever, as it garnered either directly or indirectly (depending on who you talk to) millions in revenue, as people bought into Jobs image and what he represented. Proving that myth is more potent that product.

How to become a Brand Ambassador

  1. A brand ambassador connects a brand to the public and is an active presence. Brand ambassador gigs typically pay well, can be loaded with perks, and can be one of the easier jobs you will work. With so few brand ambassador jobs available and so many wanting to work them, how does a model go about getting noticed and getting hired?
  1. Brands strive to be authentic and genuine to who they are so it makes sense that they choose a brand ambassador that fits their lifestyle and message. You can’t fake this one so be true to who you are. This will limit the number of brands you may represent, but you need to stand out and embrace your uniqueness; be yourself.
  1. The internet is your friend when used correctly. You need to be active on all the major social media platforms. We recommend Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. You don’t have to be active on all of them but choose your platform and make your message consistent. If you are a model, build a strong model portfolio and sign up with multiple agencies. Build you online presence and know that people are watching.
  1. Demonstrate passionately what gets you excited. Shout out loud and clear, so potential brands will positively know what they are going to receive if they work with you. Be cognizant on how you position yourself and what you talk about. As a brand ambassador, you need to be a match for the brand you represent, and that brand needs to be a natural extension of yourself.
  1. Manage your reputation. Be aware of what you post online, whether it is photos or comments. You don’t want anything you have done in the past to be a barrier to representing a brand. Even your comments could stop a brand from wanting to work with you. Make sure to perform a Google search. Put your name in quotes, “first last,” putting your search in quotation marks will bring back searches in the exact order you typed them. Don’t forget to search any alias’s you have gone by in the past.

Hopefully, we answered your question of what is a brand ambassador. If you are interested in working these types of gigs, fill out a model application with a brand ambassador staffing agency.

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