5 Tips to Train Your Trade Show Booth Staff & Booth Babes



It can be very difficult to manage everything when you’re trying to prepare for your next big trade show or convention. staffing your trade show and preparing your booth models or booth babes can be another time-consuming task. You already should have established marketing activities and the many other logistics needed for a show.Visit us now at TSM Agency. You have already saved yourself much aggravation by hiring a trade show model staffing company.

Now you need to get the team on the same page, get your exhibit together and formulate particular strategies that will turn prospects into leads, and leads into buyers, by building your product’s brand and education consumers. Try it here for our best services.

Realistically, the true effectiveness of any exhibits can make or break your success for your show, and you should work with your staff to create the best and bright representatives from your organization. You must have individuals that understand your product or service, models that are able to articulate your value, and possess the customer service skills that impress booth visitors. Trade show booth babes are fun to watch. Click this Additional info about this fantastic ladies.


Your booth models will be new to your team and need to represent your brand properly. So how do you train your new booth models quickly and effectively?

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Here are five tips to help train your trade show booth models and booth babes

1) Keep a great attitude – trade shows and conventions can be a stressful time and you may be feeling the pressure. Attitudes are contagious and a stressed out attitude can carry over to your booth staff. A negative or stressful energy can quickly remove any friendly, lively and enthusiastic energy your booth models have.

2) Prepare a script in advance – You need to guarantee that your booth models have a well-written and brief script to memorize and practice; a script that covers the main points and benefits of your offerings. This gives your promotional model staff the chance to understand what they are representing and express it properly.

3) Understand your booth models are people too – Just because you will only be working with them for a short time, don’t treat them any less than you would full-time employees. Booth models, as most people do, respond best when treated with respect. The term booth babes is often used to imply these girls are less valuable, they are not. Booth babes are an important part of any trade show or conference. The exact location models can be shown at


4) Set expectations – How can you be disappointed if things are not being done as you expected if you don’t’ lay out what you want out of your booth babes upfront? You will be very busy the moments before attendees are allowed on the floor, but it will be well worth your time to take a few minutes to properly introduce yourself to your booth models and spell out what your expectations are. Click here to read more about training your booth babes and staff

5) Create a Process for Lead Generation – If you are like most companies exhibiting at a trade show, then the purpose of your booth and reason for hiring booth models is to generate leads that turn into customers. Outline your process upfront, even if it is as simple as collecting business cards and writing notes on the back of the card. If attendees don’t’ have a business card, have a pad of paper and multiple pens handy. Periodically collect leads and ask your booth babe about the lead.  Forbes trade show models are full of talent and quality. Visit this page right here for more details.

Your leads won’t mean anything if when you return from the trade show, your sales team doesn’t contact each lead and follow-up.

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Following these five tips to train your booth models and booth babes will enable you to improve the perception of your company and have a positive impact on lead generation. If you aren’t implementing any of these tips, try them out at your next trade show or conference and see what difference they can make.


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