Booth Babes – Not Just A Pretty Face

what is a booth babe

The words Booth Babe conjure up images of a scantily clad woman lounging up proactively next to a car that most of us can only imagine owning, girls without anything to truly offer, besides their looks. Look deeper on our Main Website now and see more. This negative stereotype is a widespread public perception of booth babes, one that needs to change.

We also think that these booth babes or spokesmodels are empty-headed and are nothing but fluff, there to entice a male audience to look at otherwise boring products. While there is a lot of truth to this urban myth, there are some surprising positive to the girls that typical trade show attendee is not aware of.

• Many of these girls have a Bachelor’s degree or other higher level education

• Many models are skilled in marketing, sales, and management

• Others haves studied psychology and use NLP in their work

• Booth babes take their jobs seriously and provide tangible value to those that hire them

What Is A Booth Babe & What Do They Do?

Booth babes are a promotional model that will have a direct impact on your bottom line and in a few days at a trade show can bring in enough business leads and customers to keep your firm in the black for the coming year. See this page for more info about booth babes. They are definitely hot and attractive as well.

The use of a Booth Babes is a little talked about marketing tool that does work and works quite well. Why do booth babes work? The reason these models work so well doesn’t even have to do with sex. Know more about us and follow us on Twitter now.



We respond positively to a beautiful face

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand this truism.

Marketing gurus have built an entire industry on this concept. Psy-Ops specialists have been using beauty to extract information out of opponent for centuries since the days of Delilah and Mata Hari.

Trade Show Models


Booth babes know how to talk and put you in a positive mood

The girls you see at a tradeshow and convention today know how to ask questions and assess what quality lead you to represent; all in a matter of moments and based on their previous experience doing so. Their warm smiles and engaging personalities win over all but the most skeptical attendees. Booth babes can gauge potential clients and have assessed your intent and your likelihood of being an excellent prospect for the company they represent.

Your contact information is skillfully extracted and recorded to be used as part of a mega-marketing campaign that is running behind the scenes and will soon be contacting you with sales materials that may be tailor made to your interests.

Booth babes are not booth babes

The term “booth babe” is given by others, typically those looking to belittle the job of working as staff for a trade show or convention. Ask a promo girl working a trade show what she calls herself, it will most likely be one of the following terms:

Trade show model
Brand Ambassador
Product demonstrator
Convention model
Booth model
Promotional model


Hiring Booth Babes

However, if you hire booth babes, you need to train them properly and equip them to succeed. Educating your booth babe on your products or services, setting expectations, and outlining some kind of agenda will help to improve the positive impact your booth model with have. They need to know how to quickly identify attendees who are going to make a deal and have the resources to be worth your business’s time and efforts, trade show attendees who have the potential to develop into paying customers.

Booth babes are using the 80/20 rule in full force, and on your behalf, if your firm is employing promo models correctly.

They can quickly ascertain whether a potential client is a “Whale” to use Vegas terminology, someone soliciting them, or a small fry to be handled a different way so as not to waste the minuscule amount of time your firm has in order to make connections at a tradeshow.

Booth babes act as valuable pre-screeners for company employees. If you are deemed worthy, you will be introduced to employees of the brand they represent. Only those who are vetted and are the type of customer you want to have will pass these charming gatekeepers. By this point, you have already been put into a positive mindset by your booth girl who has most likely charmed you and enticed you to learn more.

The secret today is sorting through large crowds of convention attendees to find potential leads

Most successful companies today focus only on those who generate the most revenue. For customers that are at the lower end of the spectrum, a simple lead capture will suffice, and a VP of sales doesn’t need to worry about having their time taken while better prospects move on.

Trade Show Models Vs. Promo Models

Remember your brand is behind the smiles and happy faces. Booth babes are there to make money for your shareholders. You can only do this by finding the nuggets of gold among the many convention gawkers and those who are just shopping around with no real intentions to buy and often monopolize your time, in the end, walking on to do the same thing to the next vendor on their list.

Your Booth Babe talent runs your booth efficiently, delivers presentations, and answers the customer’s questions while funneling those who are serious about your products or services.

Booth babes are the frontline in the market war to control a niche market and expand your brand presence.

At the end of the day, hiring booth babes should enable you to walk away from your trade show or convention with more leads and customers than if you had not done so. Not all Booth Babe are created equal so staffing through a national and experienced modeling agency is imperative. Booth babes,Does it work? Yes it does for me. Read More Here about what we do in our agency

Hire booth models and booth babes


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