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  You have a product or service company that you are looking to grow. What do you do? Find an agency that has models for hire. Hiring models for your trade show can be an important part of your marketing mix. There are a wide variety of advertising and marketing options available to companies, especially […]

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You have a product or service company that you are looking to grow. What do you do? Find an agency that has models for hire. Hiring models for your trade show can be an important part of your marketing mix. There are a wide variety of advertising and marketing options available to companies, especially in the digital realm. The best way to promote your business is still getting in front of your customers, and what better way to do that than to exhibit at a trade show or convention.

Trade shows and conferences have been around for decades and are a proven marketing tactic. Getting a trade show booth is an easy part. The real challenge comes with finding staff to represent your brand and increase leads. Most companies do not have employees who are experienced in or comfortable working trade shows. Putting an uncomfortable employee in your booth is the surest way to keep your exhibit booth from generating the most traffic and leads possible. You only have so many hours at your all-important trade show.


This is where trade show model and event staffing agencies can take some of the load off you and your employees by working your booth, while typically saving you money.


A professionally run convention takes skill and know-how to pull it off, and it requires skillsets that probably you wouldn’t find among your average employee. Most employees jump at the chance to man your booth when they hear that it involves a free trip to Las Vegas. The reality is, though, most employees do not have the personality, experience or general know how to successfully work a trade show booth.


Trade shows and conventions need a specialized touch, only someone with experience and industry knowledge can provide. Proper training is also essential. An experienced trade show model has worked hundreds of trade shows and brings that experience to your company. She has mostly seen it all and knows what works and what doesn’t work.


Hiring models means they work for you exactly when you need them, no longer. There is no reason to train or hire permanent staff to work your trade show booth. Hiring local models means significant cost savings. There is no need for planning or paying for hotel, airfare, meals, and other general costs that add up and aren’t’ typically budgeted for. Two examples are transportation in the city your event takes place and the cost of lost productivity. Keep your employees in the office doing what they do best.


What do you do?



Hire models from a model staffing agency


Finding models for hire is easy, just contact an agency. Take a look at their website and make sure they have the experience and reputation to make them credible. Next, take a look at their models. Most legitimate agencies aren’t shy about showing off their talent. You have to think twice about an agency that doesn’t have any specific girls for you to review or request.


The first thing that a modeling agency does is find out what you need from your trade show booth models. What are your expectations? What are your requirements? Every company is different in what they need or want from a booth model.  Hiring a model is an important and time-consuming process. This is why you should hire models from an experienced agency.


Experienced trade show models staffing company have relationships with models ensuring you get the most experienced and professional model for the job. Trust us, we have heard all the horror stories about companies hiring their own models off of an online job posting site. Typically the girls won’t know what they are doing, and that is even if they decide to who up at all.


When you a hire a model yourself there is no accountability for the model. When you hire models through an agency, and they do a poor job, you can bet she won’t be staffed again.


Next, a trade show model staffing agency will learn a little about your business and make any recommendations based on their experience; the experience that may even include staffing your conference in the past. Not every model you can hire works for every company or event. Trust your account executive to make recommendations.


Hiring models from an agency means that you also get a seasoned account executive on your team. This is invaluable, and you should tap into their experience and trust their recommendations. The TSM Agencies top three representatives have a combined 45 years of industry experience. Two of them are ex-models themselves. A good account executive knows how to manage and build relationships with the industries best models.


It is in the account executives best interest to make your trade show a resounding success. If you are happy with the job they did and the model you hired, you will most likely staff with them again.


A legitimate model staffing agency has thousands of models for hire. They also have long-standing relationships with the models. The TSM Agency has relationships with girls that have lasted over a decade. This is exceedingly rare, but when you have been staffing as long as we have, it isn’t surprising.



When you hire a model



Define your requirements. Do you need a bubbly personality or professional? Are you selling the latest gaming console at CES, the Consumer Electrons Show, or demonstrating biomedical optics at Photonics West? You must hire a model that matches your brand and purpose.


Be clear with your expectations. What exactly do you need from your trade show model? Do you expect her to only look good and perform simple assistant tasks like scanning badges and handing out information? Or, do you need her to learn and speak about your company so that she is able to articulate what you do and offer?


Simply put, we can assure you that your days will go much easier and your stress will be less having a friendly and energetic model join you.


You have an extra set of hands. If you have worked a trade show before you know that many tasks arise and having help is invaluable. Who will watch your booth when you must take a bathroom break? What if a potential client wants you to come to their booth to speak with a decision maker? Who gets you food and water or covers when you want to eat lunch? When you hire a model these logistics become nonissues.


What if you want to expose other exhibitors to your brand? You need someone to canvass the convention floor and visit your neighbors in a friendly and non-aggressive style. An attractive model has no problem breaking the ice and most likely will be asked what company she is with without having to say a word.


A beautiful model will draw attention. Agencies like the TSM Agency focus on corporate clients. Their models for hire are professional and are often mistaken for actual employees because of their professionalism; both how they present themselves and their ability to learn about your product or service.



After the event



You can rest easy knowing that you hired a professional, models that got the job done, looked and sounded good, and did a fantastic job at getting your products or services into the public eye in the best possible manner possible.


When you hire a model to make sure to set aside time to debrief and review any leads the model generated for you. We always recommend providing a pen so your model for hire can take notes as she acquires leads.


Looks aren’t everything, but they sure help attract attention at a trade show or conference. An excellent trade show model has brains to back up their beauty. Hiring models will bring your booth more traffic, much more than if you were to do it all yourself.


Hiring a model will reap dividends. Your bottom line will be happy with the savings of hiring local models, and the increase in leads and revenue that come rolling in because of it.


Hiring models can make your life easier when it comes time to staff for a trade show. When you contact an agency with models for hire talk to them, be clear about your expectations, and define your requirements. You will be glad you did!


models for hire by the TSM Agency

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