Actually, Booth Babes Do Convert

A while back one of our employees found an upsetting article on TechCrunch. The article devalues the work of booth babes, trade show models, and promo models. The author called them lazy and claiming these models just come and collect their fee each day. He argued that booth babes actually hurt lead generation, and the […]

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A while back one of our employees found an upsetting article on TechCrunch.

The article devalues the work of booth babes, trade show models, and promo models. The author called them lazy and claiming these models just come and collect their fee each day. He argued that booth babes actually hurt lead generation, and the leads they do obtain are low-quality.

You can read the full article here

This booth babe article was brought to the attention of our agency owner who promptly drafted a response to the author of the post. Below is our CEO’s response:


Hello Spencer,


I wanted to reach out to after reading your article entitled “Booth Babes Don’t Convert” on TechCrunch. I took offense to your generalizations based on the extremely limited information you based your assumption.


I am the owner of a well-established “booth babe,” trade show model, and promotional modeling staffing company. I have been staffing since 1998.  We have hundreds of companies that staff with us on a regular basis. I understand and have experienced first hand, the value a professional trade show model or booth babe can provide. If trade show models didn’t convert, we wouldn’t be in business. The majority of our clientele are return customers who have experienced the benefits first hand of hiring professional booth babes and trade show models.


First, let’s make a distinction. The slang moniker you choose to use, “booth babe” is not representative of all female trade show and promotional models. The term is generally used correctly for provocatively dressed models and companies blatantly using “sex to sell” marketing.


And that is your first mistake. You hired stereotypical “booth babes.” The fact that they did not workout does not surprise me. Booth babes are there to be eye candy, dress provocatively, and attract attention based on their looks. They do not serve any other purpose and if you expect them to, shame on you.


Your premise of comparing “grandmothers” with established people skills, to scantily clad college aged girls with no predetermined skill set, is significantly flawed. Do I really need to take the time to explain the difference to you?


Your article implies that you have to choose between beauty or brains and ability.You’re suggesting that attractive women are incapable of assisting clients and providing information about a company. It may surprise you to know that there are many beautiful women with brains and people skills. Many of our models have college educations and vast experience in sales and marketing.


booth babes
Booth babes

Unfortunately, you did not learn from your mistakes either. You repeated the same futile experiment a few more times, expecting different results, and then came to the ridiculous conclusion that “booth babes” don’t convert. I don’t think it would take a genius to come to a conclusion, based on YOUR demographic and the sophistication and price point of YOUR product, that a booth babe would not be the best choice.


Context is everything. If you hire an attractive girl with no experience and have her work in a skin tight or revealing outfit and work a trade show that targets sophisticated business owners, what do you expect the outcome to be? Booth babes are ideal for shows targeted young male demographics and representing brands that align with the image booth babes represent. Think video games, autos, boats, comic cons, etc. 


Had you contacted my company, the TSM Agency, we would have educated you on the types of staff available and what would work best for your requirements. You either staffed the models yourself, or you chose a terrible agency that didn’t know what questions to ask or have the quality and volume of staff required to meet your needs. Both failed methods of staffing support the need to go through an established agency that understands their client’s needs.


Our girls work very hard to bring value to our clients and take their jobs seriously. They understand customer expectations and take the time to review company and product information.  They have the people skills and intelligence to accurately convey this information to trade show attendees.


I can counter your arguments, while educating you, based on my own personal experiences. Let me share how I began staffing. I needed help at a technology show back in 1998, for my first company, and asked a female friend and my sister to help me work the show. They were both intelligent, articulate, and attractive.


I met with both of them and conveyed my expectations and gave them information to review and memorize. We talked about my services, and I answered any questions and clarified points before exhibiting. Guess what happened? I had an incredibly successful show, and attendees thought they were full-time employees of my company. I have since presented numerous times, attended shows with clients, and experienced the same results. They were instrumental in the launch and over 20 years of success my company has experienced.


Trade show models or booth babes are not expected to acquire the quality of leads that a high-level employee can generate. Again, your expectations are unrealistic, and you use that as evidence. You hope your model staff, with no training, will be able to articulate and have knowledge of your products on par with a full-time systems engineer?


Trade show models and booth babes are an excellent way to prequalify leads and keep undesirables away from you so that you can be ready for, and devote your valuable time to, the serious attendees.


Models draw crowds into booths, recite sales points for the company, and qualify leads to ensure the sales team is spending their time talking to the most interested prospects. Our models convert time and time again.


We also have countless happy clients, including some of the world’s most recognizable brands, which would disagree with you. A few quotes from our repeat customers:


“Rebecca was wonderful! She really was really beneficial to our event. She engaged people walking by, and our booth was a tremendous success because of her.”


“She became an integral part of our team, and we couldn’t have been happier.”


“She was happy to learn about the product, and I was able to leave her to run the stand solo while visiting other tradeshow stands. A valuable part of the team and highly recommended!”


“Very professional and interacted with customers even though not required. She was very professional in the demos and very interested and enthusiastic about the product, which was a nice touch. It was great that she was able to speak to and engage customers if someone passed by the booth and none of us were hovering around at that particular time.”


Based on your article, your lack of success with trade show models is a result of your decision to staff unprofessional “booth babes,” and your failure to review your expectations at the beginning of the show. Now you choose to publish a blanket statement that “booth babes are lazy” and “Booth Babes Don’t Convert.”


Use a reputable agency in the future to avoid staffing lazy and inexperienced models, then you might understand the value a trade show model or booth babe provides.



Instances where it makes sense to hire Booth Babes:


You sell an iPhone game with a targeted male demographic.

booth babe for video game
iPhone game booth babe


You need a real person to represent a character.

booth babe character
Booth babe comic character


You are staffing a UFC, mixed martial arts event.

Mixed martial arts booth babes
Mixed martial arts UFC booth babes


You are a globally respected brand adding a little sex appeal to a specific event.

LG booth babes
LG Booth babes




Trade Show Models

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