Trade Show Exhibitor Tips

3 Questions Every Trade Show Exhibitor Needs to Answer

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Most people in business know their target audience, and what they are trying to sell, while exhibiting at a trade show. We aren’t here to give you a 101 course on trade show preparedness. We are assuming you know how to get your booth to the show and marketing materials are ready. We are taking the basic questions everyone should ask, and know before any show, and give you insight on how to answer them once your show begins. Visit This Link.

1. Who are you targeting?

With trade shows the question is more likely to be, whom aren’t you targeting? Typically a company chooses to exhibit at a trade show because that particular show attracts those interested in their field; both products and services from a purchasing and selling perspective.


Exhibiting shows your commitment and increases your chance of closing accounts through face-to-face interaction. It allows you to network with manufacturers, sales reps, or anyone else involved in your industry. Just because someone isn’t a perceived potential customer, doesn’t mean there isn’t value in meeting him or her. Go right here to have a better understanding.


Target everyone; just be selective with your time.



2. What are your goals for the show?

Let me guess, to generate leads that convert to new customers? Maybe a bonus would be finding someone that benefits your company in some way?


Trade shows aren’t rocket science; you know why you are there from a marketing perspective. Shows are busy, attendees can be over stimulated, and unable to focus on a single booth, or simply tired of being badgered to view the latest and greatest. Your goal should be to showcase your people skills, product knowledge, and differentiators.


People are going to be remembered far easier than marketing collateral, freebies, or a generic mission statement. Getting that call returned is so much easier when someone remembers you.


Be memorable in a way that befits your brand.



3. Are your people ready?

Again, we aren’t worried about the basics, you know how to dress, have memorized your marketing pitch, know to show up early, and have your booth number.


Will your team smile, make eye contact, and greet attendees warmly? Are your people ready for when your booth is inundated with visitors? How to keep peoples around until a key team member is available? How to prequalify? How to run the booth when one is alone? Do you have enough team members to allow others to leave the booth and never have it unattended? How to turn solicitors away quickly and in a respectful manner? Think positive, it is better to be overstaffed than understaffed.


Having your people ready comes from experience. If everyone on your team doesn’t have this, find someone who does.


First hand experience, and understanding the importance of interpersonal communication, is the only way to ensure you make the most of your trade show. If you don’t feel your team will do well once they are in the trenches, you may want to bring in the cavalry.


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