Trade Show Model Tips To Becoming In Demand And Successful

What is trade show models? A trade show model is hired for your trade show in order to attract traffic, answer questions, and interact with potential customers to generate leads for there clients. Visit our social sites to Get More Information. Whether you are a trade show model or convention exhibitor, keeping upbeat during your trade […]

trade show model tips
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What is trade show models? A trade show model is hired for your trade show in order
to attract traffic, answer questions, and interact with
potential customers to generate leads for there clients. Visit our social sites to Get More Information.

trade show model tips

Whether you are a trade show model or convention exhibitor, keeping upbeat during your trade show can make or break your important event. As an exhibitor, you have spent months of prep time to get ready. As a trade show model or spokesmodel, you are hired for just this task and the pressure is on you to deliver. This article will focus on tips for trade show models, but they can just as easily be applied to booth exhibitors. Engage your customers and increase their leads by looking at our Tsm trade show services.

Trade Show Model Tips

As a professional trade show model, it is your job to demonstrate products, engage potential customers regarding the brand you are representing, acquire leads, and assist with any other tasks your client may need. You will need to keep your client’s needs and goals in mind while maintaining an upbeat and positive mental attitude. TSM Agency has all the best quality trade show models.

Having and maintaining a positive attitude will be noticed not only by booth attendees but employees of the client. Your energy is contagious in a tangible and infectious way. When you are upbeat, it rubs off on all those around you, and you’ll be able to convert more visitors into clients as they start to share your enthusiasm for your firm’s products and services.

Because of the importance of a great attitude, it is not only important to have one but to maintain it through the entire duration of your event. Here are some tips that can keep you upbeat and friendly.

Our suggestions are represented by three letters, A.O.A. and they stand for:

• Attention
• Outgoing
• Action

Keeping you mentally sharp and physically upbeat can make a significant difference in the attitude towards your brand and the number of leads acquired. With your positive attitude, the company who hired the trade show model staffing company can come away from the show a winner and with more leads and conversions than the competition.

Let’s see how the AOA system works.



The first thing you need to do at any event like a trade show is to grab attendees’ attention.

Trade show booths with flashing displays and innovative graphics are great. Animation and 3-D demos are hot, and Fantastic Freebies always gets people to stop and look at your booth.

However, you, the trade show model, garner the most attention. So, the first thing you need to do is smile. A smile makes your brain release endorphins into your body that lift you up. A smile is also the first thing that stops a person in their tracks and makes them take a second look.

A smile can go a long way, so we recommend you practice smiling before you get out in front of the public. Not only does it make you feel good, but it makes you more friendly and open when talking to the trade show booth visitors.

You need to project a positive image for the brand you are representing. By smiling you increase your energy, which boosts your enthusiasm. Take in a lungful of air and breathe it out forcibly and quickly. Repeat this 5 to 10 times. You will feel warmth throughout your body, and you will get a rush of new energy. The Tibetan sages who use this method call this energy Tummo. It radiates outward catches the eye of passersby, getting them to stop and draw near as they feel the magnet energy you are generating.

Speaking of catching visitors eyes, making eye contact is another way to get someone’s attention. Eye contact can build an instant rapport. Your eyes develop a connection, show you are a good listener, and demonstrate that you are open to a conversation. Avoiding eye contact can be a sign of not wanting to others to know too much, the exact opposite impression you want to provide.

When people respond to you as a trade show model, it can create positive feelings and energy, which Buckminster Fuller termed Synchronistic Energy, which can permeate your display area. You use this energy to restore your lagging spirit. When potential customers stop by and feel your positive vibes, they too generate energy, which you also feed off. That positive energy creates a positive feedback loop that keeps you upbeat and friendly. The excitement of the show and the positive feedback helps your energy to stay high as you talk about something you are excited about, your products or services.

Your passion for the company is reflected by your body language and words, it generates an aura around your booth that people can feel.

This synchronistic energy is what gives you the energy to keep going all day and far into the night before the lights dim at the end of the day’s activities.



The second part f the AOA strategy is to be outgoing to everyone, even if you have seen a specific attendee already. Professional and attractive models are assumed to be outgoing and confident, it is why you are hired in the first place!

As a trade show model, you should always be seeking to engage others before they initiate with you, or worse, stop at your trade show booth and then walk away. Have a few simple lines prepared for people to talk to them as they break the ice and create rapport in seconds.

By forcing yourself to be outgoing, you shift gears, and this forces you to be upbeat and friendly. Contrary to popular belief, “you create you” mental states, and you can control them at will. This secret is known to the pros as they don’t have time to wait to be friendly. They adopt a friendly and outgoing manner, and it soon becomes a habit.

Visitors who come to your display feel you and your staff’s active and inviting attitude. They are made to feel comfortable, at home, and pleasure at being listened to and having their questions attentively answered; having things explained clearly, and naturally. In fact, booth visitors often influence others of the merits of the brand you are representing

Visitors will be captured by your friendly and outgoing demeanor. Your conscious intention to be outgoing and friendly will be contagious. Other trade show staff and employees will follow your example, and this attitude can turn a fence sitter in the crowd around your booth display into an ardent supporter.

A truth of the human psyche is that people respond positively to an outgoing person and will listen to and even change their point of view or preconceived notions if approached correctly.

As a trade show model, you need to make a deliberate decision to be outgoing, the rest flows naturally. Once you hit your stride, you will find that conversations flow freely and booth visitors open up more quickly to you. You will encourage the visitor to open up, expressing their interest in the company you are representing. This is the first step in turning booth visitors into leads, leads that later may become new customers, instead of just trade show attendees.

trade show models


Once you have formed a rapport, it is simple to get a person to take action.

Establish goals beforehand with the client; what action(s) would they like you to take?  Typical activities include:

  • Being a gate keeper and introducing the attendee to someone from the company
  • Getting business cards
  • Scanning a badge
  • Having the participant enter their contact information in a predetermined fashion
    • Typing or writing down notes on a lead for future follow up
  • Entering a contest or giveaway

POWER TIP: When you get a business card, always write notes on the back of it as soon as the attendee walks away so that there will be notes regarding their specific inquiry when the lead is followed up on in the future.


We have grouped body language and physical movements in with action since it requires an effort on your part. One of the most positive physical actions you can take is a simple handshake. A study on handshakes (by the Income Center for Trade Shows) showed that people are two times more likely to remember you if you shake hands with them. The trade-show researchers also found that people react to those with whom they shake hands by being more open and friendly.

When an attendee approaches your trade show booth, you will want to be the first to extend your hand. When doing so, look directly into their eyes and smile. Keep your right hand free of papers, pens, cell phones, business cards, beverages, or any other items so that you are ready to begin any greetings.

We understand that you can become physically tired from standing on your feet all day, but you must retain good posture, always standing and facing attendees; do not turn your back. If you have to sit and rest your feet and someone comes up to you, make sure to stand back up, especially when being introduced. You typically want to square off with someone, facing them directly.

A firm handshake is perceived more favorably. A firm handshake will make others more confident in your ability to represent a brand, something being a trade show model demands. Show attendees that you were hired for more than your looks and exude confidence with your body language.

POWER TIP: Bring and keep a small container of hand sanitizer on you always.

Illustrated in the Book “Ecstatic Body Postures: An Alternate Reality Workbook,” by Belinda Gore. You learn that by assuming the correct body positioning, you become the image of positive energy and friendliness. Your trade show visitors respond instantly to the nonverbal messages your body is sending. You will be made more powerful and full of energy. If you look convincing, you gain power. There is no way you can be down if you smile and are in a great posture.



“Nothing succeeds like success,” is an axiom that creates an uplifting emotional power that can help you get through even the longest day of working a show.

Your job as a trade show model or booth staff is to get the trade show attendees attention, be outgoing, and take action to increase your clients’ sales. These tips also apply to spokesmodels, brand ambassadors, and promotional models.

By being outgoing and taking action, by smiling, making eye contact, shaking hands, and exuding an overall positive energy, you will be perceived as an excellent trade show model. A model that receives rave reviews is booked continually by their agency and, most importantly, performs at a level that makes the client feel you were an integral piece of the success of their show.

Follow these are proven AOA techniques and become an in-demand and fruitful trade show model.


Become a trade show model




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