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Trade Shows in Los Angeles: The Fit Expo

The Los Angeles Fit Expo will take place January 23rd-24th, 2016 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This expo incorporates an impressive line up of displays and dozens of fitness stars that make up the largest fitness market in the country. Highly anticipated exhibits featured at the expo will include bodybuilding, Crossfit, power lifting, strongman, Olympic Lifting, MMA and Gracie Jiu Jitsu and more. The Fit Expo holds the greatest contests ever assembled on the West Coast so far. Visitors are also able to shop for the latest supplements, apparel and gear. LA Trade Show services offers best in class model staffing.

With a massive exhibit floor holding over 600 booths and 24 competitions and programs, your exhibit should stand out from your competition. Hiring promo models is exactly what your business needs for your booth at the Los Angeles Fit Expo. Trade Shows in Los Angeles in CA are astonishing to be a part with. Be informative and click this useful content now and part if this Fix Expo.



Draw Attention


Hiring attractive and experienced promo girls is a great way to increase interest in your products. Models can conduct sampling to introduce new people to current products and gather exhibitors to your booth. Fitness models are hired for shows such as The Fit Expo in Los Angeles for not only their physique, but also their knowledge of the fitness industry. These fitness experts know how to articulate product benefits at ease, and are used for promoting anything from gym memberships to sports companies. Visit our Amazon page now and see more.


Bikini models are also used for Los Angeles trade shows such as The Fit Expo. It is very important for your business to hire event staff that reflects your brand’s image, such as swimsuit models. These models will present confidence and sex appeal to gain even more attendance at your company’s booth. Bikini models also assist in needed responsibilities throughout an event day, along with attracting visitors and promoting your brand.



Experience in Sales


Instead of sending your employees to a trade show and spending more money than your company needs to, hire professional event staffing who have experience at trade shows. Trade show models have backgrounds in sales and know how to qualify quality leads. If you use your own employees as event staff, you may risk losing higher lead generation on an important event day. In addition, your employees will eventually have to catch up on missed work.


Product demonstrators know how to catch the attention of trade show guests by demonstrating product functionality and ease of use. They will motivate customers to purchase products or take a predefined action while visiting your booth. It is very beneficial for exhibitors to view your product in action by attractive, knowledgeable promo models. This alone will increase customer demand for your company.



Having a model during the Los Angeles Fit Expo will leave your exhibitors with a lasting impression of your brand. Promo models will not only help encourage brand awareness for your business, but also generate higher quality leads. Hiring Los Angeles trade show models for The Fit Expo will provide your business with quality assistance and value on your event day. Discover More Here about this event and be a part of it.


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