What is the average model height and weight?

Promotional Model Infographic

It’s no surprise that the demand for talented and quality models, of all types, is rising.  This upward trend has female and male models across the country asking themselves if they have what it takes to become a promotional model. What is the average height of a female model? What is the average model weight? […]

Want To Hire Spokesmodels? Here’s All You Need to Know

what does a spokesmodel do

  Most people are familiar with the term ‘spokesmodel’ but still aren’t sure about hiring them. We hope to give you some insight on the topic in the following article. You would not have to take an economics 101 class to know that consumer perception of a product, brand or service could be the difference […]

What is a Brand Ambassador?

what is a brand ambassador?

What is a brand ambassador and what does a brand ambassador do? A Brand Ambassador is a prestigious job, as you are is paid to promote a company’s products or services and share their brand with consumers. Branding is what makes a business stand out from the competition. Brand ambassadors are hired to help a brand […]

Trade Show Model Tips To Becoming In Demand And Successful

trade show model tips

What is trade show models? A trade show model is hired for your trade show in order to attract traffic, answer questions, and interact with potential customers to generate leads for there clients. Visit our social sites to Get More Information. Whether you are a trade show model or convention exhibitor, keeping upbeat during your trade […]

Booth Babes – Not Just A Pretty Face

what is a booth babe

The words Booth Babe conjure up images of a scantily clad woman lounging up proactively next to a car that most of us can only imagine owning, girls without anything to truly offer, besides their looks. Look deeper on our Main Website now and see more. This negative stereotype is a widespread public perception of booth […]

5 Tips to Train Your Trade Show Booth Staff & Booth Babes

It can be very difficult to manage everything when you’re trying to prepare for your next big trade show or convention. staffing your trade show and preparing your booth models or booth babes can be another time-consuming task. You already should have established marketing activities and the many other logistics needed for a show.Visit us […]

Why Hire Las Vegas Trade Show Models?

Las Vegas Trade Show Models

      Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the great convention and trade show cities of American. When you want to exhibit your products and services, you’ll probably have to set up at a trade show and convention in the city that never sleeps. When you do, you might want to enlist the aid of […]

Spokesmodels Make Your Bottom Line Bright

Hire spokesmodels

Hiring the right spokesmodels can make you company millions. Yes, we said models plural. Because today in this global village we live in having the right face to go with your product will do more for your brand than a warehouse full of gimmicky new products.

4th of July Fun!

4th of july promo girls

Independence Day, also referred to as the Fourth of July or July Fourth, is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence 241 years ago on July 4, 1776. Inthis event trade show models and promotional models particpate in the biggest grand event ever assembled for them to […]

Trade Show Model of the Week: Corean #10826

We have thousands of skilled trade show models at the TSM Agency, but there are always a few who rise to really impress us. These models are professional, prompt, energetic, hard working, and always receive great We have the best services that you can possibly imagine,reviews from our clients. The Model of the Week Spotlight […]