Actually, Booth Babes Do Convert

A while back one of our employees found an upsetting article on TechCrunch. The article devalues the work of booth babes, trade show models, and promo models. The author called them lazy and claiming these models just come and collect their fee each day. He argued that booth babes actually hurt lead generation, and the […]

Trade Show Model Tips To Becoming In Demand And Successful

trade show model tips

What is trade show models? A trade show model is hired for your trade show in order to attract traffic, answer questions, and interact with potential customers to generate leads for there clients. Visit our social sites to Get More Information. Whether you are a trade show model or convention exhibitor, keeping upbeat during your trade […]

5 Tips to Train Your Trade Show Booth Staff & Booth Babes

It can be very difficult to manage everything when you’re trying to prepare for your next big trade show or convention. staffing your trade show and preparing your booth models or booth babes can be another time-consuming task. You already should have established marketing activities and the many other logistics needed for a show.Visit us […]

Event Spotlight: Sweets and Snacks Expo

Candy and snack companies from over 90 countries descended on Chicago to promote their latest products at the 2014 Sweets & Snacks Expo. ¬†¬†Over 15,000 people attended the show to see the latest products and merchandising tactics the snacking industry had to offer. The event was a blast and the TSM Agency models made a […]

The TSM Agency Receives Press From our Hometown Business Journal

The Rochester Business Journal, located in our hometown of Rochester, NY featured the TSM Agency in a recent issue. The article shares how TSM Agency founder, Chris Hanna, got his idea to start the agency after he realized trade show leads doubled when he would bring his attractive wife and sister to trade shows with […]

16 Years of Staffing and Going Strong!

New Orleans TSM Modelling Agency will supply your next event with professional models to greet your guests and promote your business with the sparkle that only a trained communicator can bring, that is why you have to hire our talented models and see just how they bring it. Welcome to our blog! We are the […]