Draw a crowd to your trade show booth

Attract Attention to Your Trade Show Booth

If you have attended a trade show before, you may have noticed that some booths always seem to attract more attention than others, even when you don’t think their offerings warrant such attention. It probably leaves you wondering, “what can I do to draw a crowd to my booth?” We would like to share five tips to attract attention to your trade show booth. Dig more? click over here now.


Here in Atlanta Georgia, all our models are beautiful, confident and outgoing. That is TSM Agency are already known all over the east coast of United States.

Being in the business for over twenty years, we’ve noticed what it takes to have attendees connect with your booth instead of your competition.

 Create a fun atmosphere

  • Trade shows are long, and can become tedious for the people attending them. Break up trade show monotony by creating a lively atmosphere people will remember.

 It’s all about your staff

  • Fun, engaging and upbeat staff is the best way to create a buzz and showcase your brand.
  •  Put your product or service on display
  • Displaying your products with a wow factor is a great way to get people excited about what you have to offer.
  • If you’re company is going to stage a product demonstration, consider hiring a trade show model for the task.


  • People love free stuff! Product giveaways are a great way to ensure people stop by your booth.
  • Sites like http://www.promotionsnow.com/ offer great corporate handouts.

Use Music

  • Music is a great tool to set the tone for booth visitors. Playing upbeat music will get people in a good mood, and help them relax and enjoy themselves. Just don’t play it too loudly that you annoy your neighbors!

With a few simple adjustments you can easily change the atmosphere of your booth, your staff, and even potential customers. A positive impression goes a long way.


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