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Preparing a Professional Promotional Model Portfolio

Miami is a great place for boat shows and auto events as well as other trade shows and promotional events. Our experienced Miami boat show models and Miami bikini models are sure to make a splash.

You’ve taken some great photos, worked with some talented photographers, and are ready to enter the modeling world. Traditional print portfolios are not as common as they once were and web based submissions are becoming the norm. You know you need a portfolio, but what should you include in it that will really separate you from the herd and get you booked? Click this link for more details.

You only have one chance to make a first impression, so you really need to make sure your portfolio is of as a high a quality as possible. Selfies and cell phone photos are frowned upon and do not demonstrate that you take your modeling career seriously. Click here to know more about our promotional model services.


Different agencies require a different minimum number of photos to submit, so you should have a decent number of quality images. Our advice is a minimum of ten to work form. This will allow you to show your range and that you are a match for a wide variety of modeling job types. Keep on searching you could try here.

A complete portfolio includes at least one of the following types of pictures:



A headshot or beauty is one that is comparable to a cosmetic ad that you would see. It shows your facial features and is usually shot from above the shoulders. It should be fairly close in to your face, which should take up most of the frame.


Body Shot

This will show the type of figure that you have. You could wear anything in this shot depending on the type of modeling you are interested in. Typical outfits are swim suites, business attire, lingerie, or casual fun shots. Your agency needs to get an idea of what body type you are as different jobs require different body types.


Smiling Photos

In your book also make sure you include a smiling shot. This should show you, obviously, smiling and a little more natural. Promotional modeling typically requires a friendly smile.


Natural Shots

The natural shot is usually taken in natural lighting in a outdoor setting.  Make sure you include some shots of you wearing very little or no makeup. Make sure your photographer hasn’t retouched your image too much as it should be a good representation of you. Keep your dress simple, something like jeans and a tank top. These shots are sometimes referred to as Polaroids. These shots give agencies and companies running a casting call the chance to see what they’re working with.


 Published Work

If you have been photographed for a publication include tear sheets of the shoot.  Having a portfolio with good editorial tears sets you apart from the competition and showcases your experience.


Unique Photos

Photos that expresses your style and type of modeling you are most interested in. If you are a fitness model have a fitness shot, if your focus in corporate training make sure to include a photo of you in business attire.



Following these tips will increase your odds of being accepted by an agency and eventually landing a paying job. Good luck in your quest to becoming a model and remember, you get out of it what you put into it; take your portfolio seriously.

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