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5 situations that can make or break promotional models

Promotional models are often put in situations where they must make quick decisions that do not allow them time to contact their account executive in advance. Below are five situations staffed promotional models may face throughout their career: Check this informative post and see the difference.


  1. You are caught acting unprofessionally at an event

Depending on the severity of the offense, the client and modeling agency that you were working for may never want to hire you back. Despite this, you should still do your best to make things right.

Apologize to the client if you wronged them and let them know this behavior was out of the norm for you. Call your modeling agency’s account executive as soon as possible and make them aware of the situation. Owning up to your mistakes is the first step to restoring your reputation as a hardworking, professional model.

  1. The client asks you directly to work another promo event in the future

A client should never be discussing future events with you. All bookings must go directly through your modeling agency’s team of account executives. If you’re approached with an offer to work another event, direct the client to your account executive. Working directly with a client is typically a breach of contract and can often have legal consequences.


  1. The client dismisses you from an event early

Regardless of the reason, you have been dismissed you should never leave the premise until you have had a discussion with your account executive. If you have been asked to leave due to an argument, you should step aside to make the call.


  1. You show up at an event and the client is not there

Your first step as a promotional model when you arrive at an event should be to contact the client. If the client does not answer your phone call, your next call should be to your account executive. If your account executive has not heard from the client, check with the event’s information kiosk as they may have knowledge of your client’s whereabouts. Again, you should never leave an event without contacting your model agency.


  1. You’re going to be late or miss an event

Communication is key in these situations. That is why you have to visit this site to learn more about services. You should call the model agency’s account executive as soon as you know you’re going to be late or miss an event. This can be a tough call to make, but it’s much better to be open and honest rather than avoiding the situation. We understand that in large cities like Las Vegas traffic and parking can take time. No-shows and models that show up extremely late without a heads up will typically not be staffed again. Look what I found, i think it would help.

The way promotional models conducts him or herself in a stressful situation displays their level of professionalism and ability. Account executives take note of how models perform during trying times and use this information when they are hiring models future gigs. Regardless of the situation, being honest and upfront with your account manager and client is the best way to keep your professional reputation intact.

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