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How To Pick a Spokesmodel For Your Brand

Choosing spokesmodels for your brand at a trade show is critical to focus on. You want to make sure your company has a model that not only reflects your brand’s image, but also the trade show as a whole. Articulating to a staffing agency what you are looking for in a model is very important. Here are some characteristics to consider.


Selecting a Brand Spokesmodel: What To Look For


Style is important to consider even before choosing your spokes model. The style of your girl should match the trade show you’re attending and appeal to your target audience. Trade shows can either be very casual like a sporting or gaming convention, or a formal show such as an alcohol promotion. The style of your spokesmodel should correlate with the theme of the event; you never want your model to stand out in a negative way. Branded Spokes Model should match what kind of event there is to be. Click this link now if you want to know more.


As mentioned earlier, spokesmodels should also reflect your brand’s image. Whether it is your company providing your model with appeal or props to wear at an event, convention models should blend in with your brand and look like your actual employees. In picking the right Spokesmodel click this link now to see why Tsmagency services has it all..



Any spokesmodel being considered for your brand should have a bubbly and friendly personality. Since spokesmodels will be interacting with consumers, they should portray an outgoing and have an inviting personality for your company. Your spokesmodel should also be sophisticated when representing a brand, as well as classy, confident and appealing to exhibitors.  The right spokesmodel to choose is the one who will represent your brand name. So go right here for more details in picking up the right spokesmodel for your brand that you want to promote.



Height can vary for different events. Taller girls are more appealing for outdoor and formal events for showing off their long legs. The majority of companies will find height irrelevant for their event because it will not affect how models interact with exhibitors. Height is not as important as experience, communication skills or looks when it comes to trade show modeling.




A number of experience in years a models needs for an event depends on the individual show your company is attending and the leads you are looking to score. A company attending a larger, international conference would more likely hire a spokesmodel that is more experienced in sales and generating leads because of the global presence at the event. Trade shows such as an Anime Expo would not require much experience, rather a spokes model that’s appropriately displayed at a booth. Your product demonstrator will have a direct impact on the experience of the model you hire.




Spokesmodels should act in a professional manner at all times. They should always stay calm and focus during stressful situations. The best trade show models know how to respond to tough questions and rude visitors that could make their jobs more difficult. Promo models should always keep a positive attitude and open mind when working at a new trade show or helping companies with new tasks.


Specific models will have different purposes for certain shows. For example, fitness models are hired because of their knowledge of the fitness industry and to promote a healthy lifestyle. Other models such as swimsuit models are hired for their flirty personalities for an event with a fun environment.



Trusting your staffing agency with the relationships and recommendations they have with models will definitely help your decision when selecting a spokesmodel for your brand. An event staffing agency will help with all your staffing needs whether your goal is to increase leads or interest about a new product or service. They guarantee your next event is appropriately staffed with attractive and intelligent models. Find a staffing location near you today!


Hiring a Spokesmodel For Your Brand


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