Trade Show Models Vs. Promo Models

Trade Show Models Vs. Promo Models

It is important to know the difference between trade show models and promotional models when deciding what temporary team members to hire for your next event. Choosing the right model for the right show can impact your business’ traffic flow, brand awareness, and even sales. Here are the specifics on why your company should hire a trade show model or a promotional model.

Trade Show Models

Trade show models appeal to show attendees, bringing more traffic flow to a business’ booth. Hiring a trade show model will increase consumer interest in a brand’s product or service because of a model’s good looks and charming personality. Click that site now for more trade show model updates.


They are experts at drawing attention to a client’s booth and engaging a large number of consumers. While expo models are working at a floor space or booth, they will also work with a company’s sales representative at an event to qualify leads for your corporate event.


Conventional models can also vary between roles at a show. Greeters are attractive and friendly models that welcome guests into an event. Similar to greeters, booth babes attract visitors to a company’s booth and promote products. Both greeters and booth babes are excellent when interacting with crowds, and provide visitors with a positive first impression of your exhibit. Product demonstrators will showcase your products and demonstrate the benefits and features to individuals and crowds as well.

But trade show models do more than just demo products. Trade show models have experience learning information about company’s products and services and will articulate key information to booth visitors. They will add more value and brand awareness assisting at a trade show that will positively impact your business.



Promo Models

Promo models are hired to drive consumer demand for company products, brands and concepts. By having direct interaction with potential clients, these models are able to attract consumers and increase their interest in your company. Find out more in click this next page.


Promo girls are very attractive and typically educated in consumer marketing and sales. For a special event, a specific type of model may be requested to fulfill certain physical requirements. For example, a company may need a model to fit into pre-made uniforms they will provide for the model. Go to our main website and see how are promo models display their talent and beauty.


Monitoring and distributing materials or products are some of the many tasks these models are capable of. Spokesmodels are a great choice when presenting information and educating visitors about your company. They are essentially the link between buyers and sellers; communicating the benefits of your company’s products and services to potential customers. Not only do they relay information, but also make your business appealing to consumers.


Promotional models are typically used for merchandising and print materials, entertainment marketing and trade shows. When reflecting your company’s image, a brand ambassador is an excellent choice. A promo model needs to be the perfect fit for your brand. Fitness models will usually promote athletic brands at a trade show, while bikini models are used to promote a fun and flirty brand image. We have the best services that yet to offer, that is why our clients are keep on hiring and hiring.


When a business is releasing a new product or trying to market new people to their current products, these businesses hire promotional models to conduct in-store sampling at grocery stores and liquor stores. Street team marketing uses a similar approach; engaging consumers at public places such as busy streets, shopping centers, conferences and trade shows.

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Having a talented model to meet your event needs at a unique trade show can be quite beneficial. Whether your company is in need of a trade show model or a promo model, they are both fantastic and valuable assistants to have for your company’s big event day.


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