Trade Shows in Chicago

Trade Shows in Chicago: The Ultimate Women’s Expo

This year’s Ultimate Women’s Expo in Chicago will take place at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Chicago, September 12th-13th, 2015. This expo gathers the very best leading companies, boutiques and brands together for this extraordinary Chicago trade show. The expo will include shopping pavilions, entertainment, keynote speakers, inspiring seminars, workshops, and so much more. Since this show is an extraordinary experience, your exhibit should make an impact. Here is why hiring trade show models will help your business stand out at this year’s Ultimate Women’s Expo in Chicago: Maybe you can try this helpful site to know more about this Chicago Trade Show models.



Spark Interest


With the Ultimate Women’s Expo having over 550 booths available at the show, your business needs to make a difference. To get noticed at a Chicago trade show, spokesmodels have to reflect your brand’s image. These models will be representing your business, giving your clients a great first impression. That is why you have to visit this site now.


Hiring promo models will draw more attention to customers and create more traffic flow at your booth.That is why you have to check out our services now and see the difference. Expo models are use to being in a spotlight and are excellent when it comes to interacting with not only individual customers, but crowds as well. Know more about our services and what we have to offer.In addition to handing out fliers and other sales materials, convention models will educate exhibitors about your company and are skilled in articulating information.



Generate More Leads


Not only will booth models make your company more appealing, but provide return on investment through increased sales and leads. Since trade show models will be the link between the buyers and sellers, these models will qualify or generate leads for your sales team. This is quite beneficial on event day, since your company will have other tasks to attend to. Trade show models know how to prescreen and determine quality leads at trade shows so your employees can concentrate on other higher priorities.



Capitalize on Event Staff


In addition to lead generation, it is also helpful to have promo models at a trade show that know the basics of a typical show. Your own employees may not be used to a trade show setting, which could hurt your business’ appearance at the show. Having temporary event staff members at an expo will be beneficial and provide great assistance on a busy day. Conference models can also assist with many tasks throughout the day and create a positive experience for your business.


Product demonstrators are very knowledgeable in the sales and customer service industry, giving them the experience you need when selling your products. They are passionate about product representation, allowing them to motivate customers to either make a purchase or take a predefined action. These models are experts at displaying the functionality of your products, and relaying product benefits and features to individuals and crowds. From performing demos to differentiating products to fit customer needs, product demonstrators are a key asset to have at Chicago trade shows.


Having beautiful and intelligent promotional models at your Chicago expo will increase your business’ demand and leave your visitors with a lasting impression of your business. These models will not only add more value and brand awareness but also allow for your business to score more leads. Hiring Chicago trade show models for the Ultimate Women’s Expo will make your exhibit a success.


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