upcoming las vegas trade shows

Upcoming Las Vegas Trade Shows

The great city of Las Vegas is known for its unforgettable entertainment and excitement. Since the city is one of the greatest tourism destinations in the country, having your company be a part the Upcoming  Trade Shows in Las Vegas is an opportunity you can’t miss! See more and be a part of it. According to my sources, it really an amazing event. In order for your exhibit to stand out from your competition, hiring Las Vegas trade show models and Las Vegas promotional models will surely give you an advantage.


Trade Shows in Las Vegas: Fall


Pack Expo




The Pack Expo Las Vegas will occur on September 28th – 30th, 2015 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The expo will showcase the latest innovation and leading trends in the packaging and processing industry. The most creative packaging ideas and over 1,800 top suppliers of processing and packaging solutions will be present in this one location. Check my sources regarding trades how or  model play a big purpose o this.The Pack Expo will also feature multiple interactive venues right on the show floor, including industry specific lounges, resource centers and an Innovation Stage where educational sessions will take place throughout the day. Trade Show Models in Vegas are one of the best events in Nevada, find out here why. TSM Agency model has the best qualities regarding and how they project themselves  Follow us on Twitter now.


With an expo having this much interaction, hiring a Las Vegas trade show model will make your exhibit even more successful. It is essential to have promotional models present for this show. They will be able to educate exhibitors about your company’s products and why your company is better than your competition. Product demonstrators will display the functionality and articulate your product’s features to keep your visitors engaged with your business. Expo models are a great way to increase consumer demand at a trade show. Find out why Las Vegas Trade Show services satisfies every client who avail them.




Live Design




Live Design will take place October 19th – 25th, 2015 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, with exhibits on October 23rd – 25th. Live design is the leading conference for professionals from the entertainment industry to come together for this expo from around the world. A wide range of international live and broadcast values will be shared with over 10,000 attendees, representing 88 different countries. This expo will feature the latest gear innovations with 350 exhibits, live demonstrations and opportunities to discus the cutting edge gear debuting exclusively to Live Design attendees.


Your business needs to make a sharp and lasting impression to visitors. Hiring a promo model is exactly what your business needs for the Live Design expo. Conference models know how to assist with the responsibilities of a typical trade show, balancing the social interaction with customers while helping with other needed tasks. Show greeters are convenient to hire for shows such as the Live Design expo, to hand out sales materials and give consumers a great first impression of your company. These models will increase consumer interest, allowing more prospective buyers to come to your booth. Trade show models are excellent engaging with individuals but also large numbers of attendees and crowds. These models are significant to have for the highly anticipated Live Design expo.




International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo


upcoming las-vegas trade shows


The International Pool, Spa, Patio Expo will take place November 7th – 12th, 2015 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, with exhibits featured on November 10th – 12th. The industries of pool, spa and backyard come together in this one educative and fun location. There are great opportunities such as networking events, live demos, product displays, educational seminars and so much more to be involved in. The event will also include a Welcoming Party, an International Award of Excellent Ceremony, a BBQ Bash and prizewinning opportunities.


It is very important to hire event staff that reflects your brand’s image. Having a bikini model at the International Pool, Spa, Patio Expo will allow your exhibit to stand out from your competition. Their approachable and outgoing personalities will draw exhibitor attention and make consumers more interested in your brand. Booth models may be very attractive and appeal to your exhibit, but models are also hired for more than just their looks. These models will increase your business’ lead generation. Since the direct contact with swimsuit models will be so significant at this expo, it is essential to have experienced models talk to buyers to maximize quality leads and increase your company’s ROI.



Hire Promo Models for Las Vegas Trade Shows


Since Las Vegas is one of the leading locations to have a trade show, your business needs to stand out from the other exhibits on event day. A Las Vegas trade show model is a great way to represent your business and catch clients’ attention. Having promo girls in Las Vegas will attract visitors to your booth and gain business demand. Brand ambassadors are able to relay key information about your business’ products and know exactly what to tell potential clients. This is a great tactic to not only gain customers, but to create customer retention. Hiring trade show models will help visitors remember your booth and reflect the image of your business.



The value of having promo models at a Las Vegas trade show is irreplaceable and quite beneficial to your business on an important event day. Having model assistants at your next trade show will help create a memorable experience for your exhibitors and clients.


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