Upcoming Los Angeles Trade Show

Upcoming Los Angeles Trade Shows

Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States, known as a global city. The City of Dreams is recognized for its entertainment, culture, sports, business, international trade and so much more. This diverse and highly engaged city hosts some of the greatest trade shows and conventions in the world, making Los Angeles an ideal destination to have your next trade show.

Trade Shows in LA: Fall 2015


Anime Expo


Upcoming Los Angeles Trade Show


Upcoming Trade Shows in LA is what everybody is waiting for. The Anime Expo (AX) will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, September 6th – 7th, 2015. The AX is the largest Japanese animation and pop culture celebration in North America. This massive interactive convention fully engages guests in the world of Japanese animation, comic books, music and fashion. Fans transform themselves into their favorite animation characters through elaborate costumes, wigs and make-up, allowing this show to become a global sensation. The convention will include exclusive screenings, artists’ panels, live concerts, fashion shows, non-stop video gaming, 300 vendors to shop from and more. Discover this and see how fascinating our Los Angeles Trade Show models are.

Convention models will appeal to the specific Japanese anime niche. At the show, greeters can hand out sales materials and give consumers a great first impression of your business. These models will increase consumer interest, allowing more prospective buyers to come to your booth. Trade show models are excellent engaging with individuals but also large numbers of attendees and crowds. These models are significant to have for the highly anticipated Anime Expo. LA Trade Show services.


Green Festival


Upcoming Los Angeles Trade Show


The 5th annual Green Festival will also be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, September 25th – 27th, 2015. The Green Festival is America’s largest and longest running sustainability and green living event. The world’s most trusted companies, national and local businesses, and innovative brands will come together at this event to further show their commitment to green living. With over 20,000 attendees coming to this year’s festival, this energetic and dynamic marketplace showcases the greatest products and services to promote more healthier, sustainable living.

Promo girls are great to have for the Green Festival. They are experts at knowing information about companies they represent and would reflect the healthy image the festival portrays. Booth models are able to share company information to buyers and educate the benefits of their green living products. These models are great for differentiating products and proving to buyers that green living products and services are better alternatives.



Auto Show


Upcoming Los Angeles Trade Show


The Los Angeles Auto Show is one of the premier automotive conferences in the world. The show will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center; the Press & Trade Days will be November 17th-19th and open to the public 20th-29th. Nearly 60 countries come together and celebrate the LA Auto Show Press & Trade Days, from business leaders to media correspondents. This show has become the prime convention for automotive breaking news, networking and conducting business. The show will include a Preview Party benefiting the GRAMMY Museum, 2014 ride and drives, guest celebrity athletes including LA Laker basketball stars and other special events. Trade Show Models n LA are going to be the grand showcase of this event. Go now to our Social sites and be a part of this event now.


Car show models are not only beautiful, but also knowledgeable when it comes to the automotive industry. These models will assist auto manufacturers by educating consumers and answering the toughest car questions. Car show girls are trained to know and research automotive products as well as your competition. These impressive models will exceed client expectations with their professionalism and insight of the automotive industry.



Hire Promotional Models for Upcoming LA Trade Shows


Giving your exhibitors a lasting impression and memorable experience at your trade show is simple when hiring a promotional model. Models will help represent your company at a show and reflect the image of your business. Expo models are experts at engaging with clients and sharing essential information because of their experience at trade shows. Product demonstrators will emphasize the important features of your business’ products and highlight the benefits of why a client should do business with yours. The value of having promo models at a trade show is irreplaceable and quite beneficial to your business on an important event day.



Having model assistants at your next trade show in Los Angeles will be a huge asset to your organization. Your trade show exhibit will stand out from the crowd and will increase your business demand, allowing for satisfied clients and a successful trade show.


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