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5 Tips to Quickly Bring Promo Models Up to Speed on Company Info

Once you have found the perfect model for your trade show, event day seems to be just around the corner. Promo models have the knowledge and experience relaying client information at trade shows, allowing exhibitors to believe they are actual employees of the company they represent. To make sure your model is fully prepared on event day, here are 5 tips on how to quickly bring models up to speed on company information. Some details are linked here.


Know Your Client


Visit and study the client’s website. Not only should spokesmodels know client products and services, but how to differentiate them as well. Recommending certain products to match customer needs is very important and valuable to customers. Along with knowing the products of the company on event day, trade show models should know general information about the company they will be working for. Knowing the overall purpose of the company will help booth models promote and educate customers more about your business. The knowledge and professionalism promo girls have will impress your visitors, allowing for a successful trade show. Promo models speeds Company Info by the way the promote their products. Visit our Website now and see the quality of our models that will make your brands and company grow.



Know The Trade Show


In addition to visiting the company’s website, convention models should also research the trade show’s website. It is important to not only know company information, but what market is being targeted. Having your model know the trade show demographics and the specific industry your show appeals to will help your model know what to expect on event day. Trade show websites will usually provide insightful information from previous shows, display the formatting of the floor space and provide pictures. The website’s information should help your model understand the overall environment of the show.



Contact Trade Show Agencies


Prior to the show, trade show models should talk with their agency. They should know the style of the show and the appropriate attire needed. Emphasizing the dress code will be very important to your model since there are many different options available. Some trade shows require business casual or formal attire to be worn, while others are more lenient. Businesses may have their own branded shirts they want their model to wear, or other specific needs tailored for the event. Trade show agencies may also have experience with a specific trade show and could relay their experience or important information they know about the show. It is ideal for booth models to gather as much information as they can prior to a trade show.



Talk With Your Client on Event Day


When arriving at the show, your model should speak to a contact staff member from your company right away. They should ask any questions they may have regarding the show format, or last minute product and service questions. Expo models should not hesitate to ask last minute questions; it is better to ask questions before the event starts instead of giving a customer an inaccurate answer. Conference models need to know key information to share with exhibitors. This will be important when creating more traffic show at your booth and lead generation. It is also important to stay in touch with the contact at the show to touch base with and make sure the event day is running smoothly. Tips for promo models is to be at their best all the time.



Memorize Client Information


Promo models should view any client literature on event day, including brochures and sales sheets they will be handing out or on display at your booth. If a model is giving customers product information, they should already know the information being handed out. If there is a television display at your exhibit, make sure your trade show model watches it beforehand incase visitors ask questions. When in doubt, if an expo model cannot answer a tricky question, they should know who to contact right away so a customer’s question gets answered. Once the event starts, your brand ambassadors reflect your company and have to be on top of their game. Customers should believe your convention models are actual employees of your business!



These are the essential tips that can assist trade show models with key company information before a busy event day. No company wants unprepared expo models at their booth. Prepared promo models can appeal to the image your company portrays and be an excellent representation of your business.


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